Yoga through Divorce

Yoga through divorce - help in letting go. Catchy title, right? You know exactly where I’m coming from. You may have been there yourself or are there now. Me? I have a strong aversion to divorce. Never wanted it, never expected it and definitely didn’t think I’d participate in it. Well, here I am on the other side and my yoga practice is gently reminding me that all things change and nothing is permanent. Sometimes I really hate that yoga voice.

But wait; let me take another deep breath. Let me find a comfortable seat on my mat. Let me close my eyes and ask for understanding; ask for acceptance. I turn my thoughts inward and see my 'self' looking back. Right now that 'self' is sad, lonely, desperate, and searching so hard for an answer to ease her pain.

Yoga, if we truly practice it, makes us peel back the layers of our emotional body. It may be the most difficult journey to take but by doing so, the gift of truth will set you free. It’s not necessary to analyze all the details of a divorce in yoga practice. It’s much more challenging to sit with the unanswered questions and wait for the answers. We move through divorce in our own, unique ways. Sometimes it is nasty, hateful and painful. Sometimes it is bittersweet, sad and painful. Sometimes it is amicable, relieving and painful. It’s always painful.

Yoga helps us move through the pain. A good friend, therapist, support group offers the same help but yoga gives us our own strength to stand on. Yoga helps us open to the possibilities of a different future, a positive fresh start, and new beginnings. My last visit to my mat deepened my stillness and deepened my sadness. But – it was a step in the letting go process. You have to let go before you can move on. Regardless of whether you have to maintain contact with the “ex” or never see them again, you have to come to your own terms of letting go so you can move past the pain into a happy place again.

I’m not promising overnight miracles here. This may be the hardest lesson you ever learn and the most difficult test you ever take in your life. You may be in school for a long, long time. Be there - in school: learning, grieving, letting go, and accepting. Don’t let anyone push you to graduation, get there on your terms. Get there with your yoga practice. Show up on your mat: breath, move, meditate, cry, laugh, let go. It really happens and it really works.

I’ll see you at graduation.

Written by Georgianna Anderson

Georgianna Anderson, RYT, ACE Master Member. Visit Georgianna's website here -