Yoga Found Me

I have worked professionally in the fitness industry for twenty years. I have enjoyed a personal fitness program for just as long. Only by chance did I introduce myself to yoga as an opportunity to “try something different”. From that first deep breath, yoga became my lifelong philosophy, practice and mentor.

In 1986 I enjoyed a lifestyle with many activities. I worked out at the gym, roller skated, ran and lifted weights. I participated in softball, volleyball and bowling leagues and considered myself healthy. I loved feeling good so much I became certified to teach fitness classes and from that point on became a professional involved in group fitness, personal training and fitness program development.

Let’s fast forward to the year 2000 and several sports injuries later. I’m looking for something different, something new. I tried an online yoga class. (I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as your first choice. However, with my fitness background, I figured I could get through the body mechanics). I bought a sticky mat and practiced faithfully, learning how to move and position my body in new ways. I read about yoga’s history and background, the yamas and nyamas, the Yoga Sutras. I ventured into a yoga class and experienced the energy being shared with everyone there. The concept of breathing consciously had never occurred to me. The realization that there is a connection between mind and body, breath and movement, amazed me. The spiritual awareness to my actions hooked me.

Yoga came to me right when I needed it. Yoga opened it’s ancient history and lineage to me by gently giving me understanding, first to the principles of becoming aware of what I’m doing, being present in the moment. Gradually, the breath connected to each movement, deep and full; my body opened to spaces that had long been shut down. Emotions surfaced that I had forgotten. I met myself for the first time through yoga. Since that first on-line class, I have shared this “awakening” with many people and have learned that others have stumbled onto yoga when they needed it.

Now, I see people in my classes and I ask myself what brought them to yoga? I watch the Vinyasa, the balance, the breathing. I see the struggles, the challenges, the awakenings. I have become an observer; a witness to the exploration of yoga. I see a glimpse into each person and am inspired time and again as I watch them on their own journey. I wonder when they started their journey, when did yoga find them? What is their story? We all have one.

Every day, yoga introduces a new thought, a different approach to life, some little tiny light into my consciousness. I use these gifts to learn more about who I am, what my desires are and how to pursue them. I share these revelations with my students, peers and teachers. My path is now taking me to become a yoga therapist and pursuing a lifelong adventure in the philosophy of yoga. The texture is rich, the information vast and the journey; endless. Yoga found me and it will find you…when you’re ready!

Written by Georgianna D’Agnolo

Georgianna D’Agnolo, RYT, ACE Master Member. Visit Georgianna's website here -