Yoga for Weightloss

“Yoga is essential to help you lose weight! Without it I would be an overweight blob”. Strong words from yoga educator, Celia Hawe.

Celia Hawe is the author of Yoga for Weightloss and used her own experience around the issue of weight gain, inappropriate over eating, and despair around body image, to develop a system of weight loss which uses yoga as the “anchor” in which to reframe the mind to think positively, to combat stress and therefore emotional eating. She believes that sustainable and enjoyable weight management needs a body - mind - spirit approach.

She likens the process of losing weight to a rope comprising of 3 strands: one strand is giving attention to the physical such as exercise and healthy eating, it might work but it’s a thin rope; if you add the second strand of mental techniques such as positive thinking, personal development, self mastery its stronger but still limited: Finally if you incorporate the third strand representing the spirit through self awareness (yoga is an incredible tool for nurturing self awareness), mindful breathing; connection to something bigger the rope is stronger. Combine all three strands and you have guaranteed strength, durability and a “rope” that will be able to support and lift you up – whatever the circumstances. She called it the support rope, and her techniques and work of combining all three systems to incorporate body mind and spirit, will work not only with slimming and weight maintenance and management, but also with smoking cessation, stress management, personal goal achievement and healing.

Celia Hawe

She combines her form of yoga with healthy eating, motivation, coaching, behavioural modification, relaxation to combat stress eating and visualisation techniques to get the mind on your side - and also some of her favourite delicious recipes. She calls it “slimming from the inside out”. She says it is simple, our minds are “fat”, we think fat, therefore we are. Once we condition the mind through yoga and right eating and thinking, we can have success at our slimming endeavours. If you do not have the strength of the mind to help you, you will not be successful.

If you attend one of Celia’s Yoga for Weightloss workshops, read her book or listen to her CD you will get 10 STEPS CLOSER TO LOSING AND MAINTAINING YOUR WEIGHT EFFORTLESSLY. In essence you will:

  1. Learn the value of AWARENESS. With awareness comes CHOICE. With choice comes RIGHT EATING.
  2. Learn how to RELAX. The breathing exercises and relaxation techniques will give you the art of RELAXATION and so CLARITY. A relaxed clear mind will always choose the right food.
  3. The unique approach to the postures will develop WILLPOWER. Willpower is like a muscle, once developed it will be firm and strong.
  4. Learn the art of effective GOAL SETTING. Vague goals such as "I want to lose 10lbs" can be self defeating. You will discover how to set core value based goals which align to the true you.
  5. Recognise Unhelpful STRESS and learn how to will be manage iteffectively. You will be able to recognize your stress TRIGGERS and not use food as a false pacifier.
  6. Learn how to harness THE POWER OF YOUR MIND to achieve the body and life of your dreams. Use of powerful visualizations and realistic affirmations will manifest your transformation. A strong mind will give you FOCUS to keep you steadfast on your healthy regime.
  7. Your METABOLISM will be optimized by correct breathing . Your inner fat burning furnace needs oxygen to fuel the process.
  8. Her specially selected series of postures will give you A 10lb THINNER LOOK INSTANTLY by improving your posture and confidence.
  9. The postures specifically TONE MAJOR MUSCLE GROUPS, giving you a leaner look and toned muscles burn calories more effectively.
  10. You will develop a LIFESTYLE which provides a fertile ground for joyful living rather than one based on using food for EMOTIONAL COMFORT and short bouts of happiness.

Celia first became interested in Yoga when she moved to Combe Martin on the edge of Exmoor, North Devon, 28 years ago. She studied intensely with Tony Crisp and other helpful teachers at his Ashram for many years. He taught with a holistic approach which involved deep personal development work along with the yoga practices.

An aspect of Celia's life which has influenced her yoga is the Findhorn Foundation – a spiritual education community situated in North East Scotland. She has living there and been involved for many years, and has recently opened a “House of peace” there, providing accommodation and optional guidance and support for people who wish to come and do “Solo Retreats” with her and her husband, or just come to rest and enjoy the beautiful views and sense of peace and rest that they have provided. Celia and Peter also run group retreats at various venues.

Celia claims her yoga classes, retreats and workshops to be a medium to help people experience the power and wisdom of stillness, and to undo the knots and tensions of the mind and body in order to grow into their full potential. Her yoga is a blend of the best of ancient wisdom, updated modern sports science, Life Coaching, and her own unique way of putting the essence across in a way that people can understand.

Whilst on an extended stay in Asia she was introduced to the path of Christianity and despite her many fears, judgements and prejudices she felt she had to tread this path for a while. Yoga can be a wonderful vehicle to carry you towards God connection – in her case to her surprise Christianity did. It was not the pious dogmatic religion she had expected, but a religion full of abundant joy, right living and kindness. She feels that others need to find their own path so there is no “thrusting” of her beliefs on anyone who comes to stay or takes her classes or retreats. But when you hear her laughter, meet her, feel the power and love of her long term relationship with Peter, you cannot but feel that this woman has “searched and found”. She invites you to “come home also” by staying with her at her “House of Peace” at Findhorn, Scotland, or by reading her books or listening to her tapes.

Written by Celia Hawe

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