Yoga - A State of Mind

In the Western world, yoga has become the mainstay for the very athletic, the super stressed, the out-of-balance bodies and the “I want something more” wannabe’s. Every time I turn around, I see people with to much to do, to many commitments, to many waking hours and to many wishes for a better life.

I too wanted more. I signed up for an online yoga class (if you can believe it) just to see what it was about. That day changed my life – literally. The first practice was worth a chuckle, holding postures, falling out of postures, breathing with focus, grounding and centering, meditating. It was a different world. I kept coming back to my mat day after day. I have 20 years in the fitness industry as a group instructor so my discipline was great, my body awareness was precise and in depth. However, my mind was a mess!

What yoga opened up was the ability to enjoy life, handle the stress, prioritize time, love unconditionally, help everyone, find silence inside and, above all, accept without judgment. It all came into focus when I changed my state of mind.

The subtle changes aren’t noticed right away. First, you focus on the asana or physical practice. You balance, fall, stretch and open your body to new postures. You work on pranayama, breath work, and feed more oxygen to your body and mind with intention. Then maybe you try meditation. Sitting for minutes that turn into a half hour or more, you start to find the quiet in your mind, the stillness or absence of thought. That’s when it gets good!

Next thing you know, you’re a walking yogi or yogini. Everything in your life changes in subtle ways: how you interact with people, the way you organize your priorities, your mannerisms, your tone of voice, your thought process, your focus. There is no miracle going on and often others see the change before you do. There’s no tension when driving in traffic, there are more alternatives to solve problems, there’s greater acceptance for the less fortunate or aggravating people you meet.

This “state of mind” is just one of the offerings yoga has for you if you practice with intention and are open to the journey. Yes, your body becomes healthier, you sleep better, you have fewer headaches, your kids don’t make you crazy as often and you have good conversations with your significant other. Yet, the biggest change and most often hardest to put your finger on is “you change your state of mind”.

So, what are you waiting for? Be athletic, reduce your stress, feel “in balance” with your surroundings and strive for “something more”. While you’re at it, your mind will also be busy doing yoga. Yoga is a state of mind.

Written by Written by Georgianna D’Agnolo

Georgianna D’Agnolo, RYT, ACE Master Member. Visit Georgianna's website here -