In the Know About Scottish Yoga

Sometimes, being a Yoga student in Scotland can seem a lonely pastime. We catch the Yoga bug, love our weekly class, and get that feeling we want “more”. But where exactly is this “more”? It’s not actually that there’s a death of Yoga going on in Scotland -- in fact when you scratch the surface there are loads of classes and events all over our wonderful land. The difficulty is being able to scratch the surface – where do you go for Yoga information? ...

Of course this website and a few others are great, but for some reason they slip from our mind and we only seem to check up on the website a few days after that person we’ve been waiting years to see and hear in person has been, done their thing and gone again. And that’s if they even bothered advertising past a few well-placed posters and some word-of-mouth. Yes, it’s quite obvious that many Yoga teachers sadly lack (or chose to avoid) the skills of effective marketing, particularly over the Internet.

And yet the solution is close at hand, through the wonders of email and free online mailing groups such as (my favourite) Yahoo Groups. Without charge (other than a few annoying adverts that are easily ignored) Yahoo groups allows even the most Internet-averse person to easily set up a mailing list for groups with a mutual interest to join and share information and discussion on their favourite topics. And since every email sent to the list is sent by email to every member, there’s not even any need to check online, any information simply appears in your email inbox moments after it is sent.

What’s this got to do with Yoga? Well, as I mentioned there seems to be a definite need for an effective and simple (and did I mention free?) method both for Yoga Teachers to advertise their classes and events across Scotland, and for Yoga Students to receive such information. With this in mind I have set up the Scottish Yoga Yahoo Group, to allow just that.

So click on the link and sign up now, to make sure you get to know (or, if you’re a teacher, to make sure that prospective students get to know) about that workshop or retreat before it happens.

Written by Scott Rennie

Scott teaches general "Yoga for Wellbeing" classes and specialist "Yoga for Pregnancy" classes throughout Ayrshire and Glasgow. He is affiliated as a teacher to the Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation (, and is also available for one-to-one sessions to help you develop a regular home practice, deepen your existing practice or to tackle specific issues that cannot be addressed in group classes. You can find further details or contact him through his website at